Like to Fish in Alberta? There’s an App for That. Seriously.

Like to Fish in Alberta? There’s an App for That. Seriously.

When I was a kid, almost all my summer evenings were spent on a lake fishing. Whether I was alone or with my buddies, right after dinner I had my rod in my hand and was out the door before my Mom could even say “Don’t forget bug spray…” (it was already in my tackle box). So I thought it was pretty cool when I got an email this evening from an app developer in Alberta just for fishermen. Yep, I give you iFish Alberta.

Before you laugh, this is a pretty useful app, even if you’re not in Alberta at the moment. Okay, the Proximity Search isn’t very helpful if you’re not within 300 km of a lake in Alberta, but you can still search for lakes (hello trip planning) and check out camping info in Alberta. You can brush up on your fishing knots and which fish to catch. The app’s graphics are nice and there is good integration with Google Maps for finding your way to lakes around a rather large province.

If you fish in Alberta, I think the $5 for the app is actually pretty worth it (Disclosure: I was given a gift code for the app). Just checking through the lakes, getting the fish that you can catch there, limits, and directions is pretty cool. Again, if I were actively fishing in Alberta or planning a fishing trip in Alberta I think this app would be pretty handy and might save you looking around several different places for information. You can pick up the app from the App Store, of course.

Of course, if you’re taking your iPhone with you on the boat I’d put it in a ziplock bag.

The iFish Alberta app is the first  general consumer app from The App Door, but they also have some other interesting speciality apps that I think look pretty cool as well.

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