What’s cool about Vancouver tech? Lots, just watch.

What’s cool about Vancouver tech? Lots, just watch.

Yesterday evening I was at the CONNECT conference thrown by the BCIC and before the keynote kicked off (I’ll write about Lane Merrifield’s keynote shortly) they played this video that made its debut at the GROW conference a month ago:

Vancouver: Wonders Start Here from Ian Andrew Bell on Vimeo.

Yes, this is unabashed boosterism for my home city, but I think you’ll agree that the video is very cool and well done. So, now you can understand why I’m so proud of living here and excited to be covering tech news.

Yes, yes I know lots of great tech doesn’t just happen in Vancouver. Don’t worry I’ll give the rest of the country its fair share, just allow me this one moment of pride for my city.

The video was made by Ian Bell through the Vancouver Film School and with help from Microsoft, he Vancouver Economic Development Commission, BCTIA, and BCIC.

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