HootSuite Updates iOS App with Location Goodness

HootSuite Updates iOS App with Location Goodness

Vancouver-based HootSuite updated their free and paid iOS apps last night and touted the new features in a very HootSuite-esque blog post. The main feature? Location, location, location:

Seeking sushi in your neighborhood? Want the score from your hometown fans but not the chatter from the away side? Use HootSuite to filter the distance and show the results you want.

When entering a search term, simply select a distance range to see only the updates originating from the designated area. Display tweets layered atop a map for easy drill down to right where the conversation is happening.

The iOS update is speedy and slick. It’s main competitor, IMHO, is the new native Twitter app. Is it a contest? Yes and no. HootSuite is for more power Twitter users I think. If you have multiple accounts you manage (you can have a max of 3 in the Lite version, $3 gets you the pro version and unlimited accounts) then I think HootSuite is an app to try. Myself, I’m going to try to use HootSuite Lite today instead of Twitter so I can have a more informed opinion on its strong points.

As for Blackberry and Android users, the blog post said that more Blackberry beta invites went out and more updates are on the way.

There are more and more Twitter clients for iOS, HootSuite is a rather good one. So, the question is, what are the features of HootSuite that are most important? Multiple accounts? UI? Connection to other social networks?

Which reminds me, I wish more apps still supported FriendFeed. Man that would be great.

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