LinkedIn is opening up for Business

LinkedIn is opening up for Business

li-dev-bannerWhile many consumer oriented social networks opened up their platforms long time ago – at least in tech time – the more business oriented ones have been holding back slightly.

Yesterday, LinkedIn, one of the most successful business networks, announced the immediate availability of its Developer API.

Many other services have extended their reach either directly by letting third party developers create fantastic tools or indirectly by allowing others to integrate.

Think about how Tweetie helped taking Twitter mobile, how Seesmic makes it simple and straightforward process to keep your status updates in sync across multiple services. All of this without any investment of the platform operators into these third party solutions.

The unparalleled success of the iPhone raised the bar for taking personal and professional communication services mobile. A task which can be left for experts once you’ve created a working developer ecosystem and infrastructure.

The LinkedIn Developer Network offers Widgets to embed LinkedIn content into your own website the copy & paste style. The more advanced API level interface provides programatic access to user profiles and connections. LinkedIn leverages OAuth to authenticate API calls, so users do not have to give away their login credentials to third party services.

A very first integration based on the new interfaces has been announced by the makers of TweetDeck, which is already integrated into Twitter and Facebook.

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