A Site Devoted to Entrepreneurs and Their Businesses A Site Devoted to Entrepreneurs and Their Businesses

picture-134Today sees the launch of a new startup focused on entrepreneurs and the support of their business. Founded by serial entrepreneur Sháá Wasmund, the site provides a plethora of resources to inspire and support new businesses throughout their growth. Particularly focused on UK businesses, Mike at TCUK is right to compare the site to a private version of government organisation Business Link.

Founder Sháá Wasmund has a wealth of experience, just a quick browse of her profile at Brightstation Ventures is enough to confirm it. With two startups under her belt, one sold to BSkyB, her recent work has been in partnership with BrightStation Ventures which has launched projects such as ShinyMedia and Miomi

Her most recent business Smarta which apparently has nothing to do with BrightStation (according to TCUK) is supported by private funding from Dragons Den entrepreneurs Simon Woodroffe, Theo Pathitis and Deborah Meaden. The startup has also also received support via Bebo Founder Michael Birch, RBS/NatWest, Vodafone amongst others.

I spent some time setting up a profile this afternoon and was generally very impressed with the look, feel and functionality of the site. Yes, at it’s core it is another social network with standard features (profiles/groups/forums), however, the site also provides some wonderful resources and focuses on a niche which has yet to be both targeted and handled efficiently. Being based in the UK myself, an easy way to connect and network with other like minded individuals and businesses is a welcome addition to my list of daily websites to visit.  


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