How to claim 2 months of free YouTube Premium from T-Mobile

How to claim 2 months of free YouTube Premium from T-Mobile

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Amidst the many morsels businesses are throwing consumers in an attempt to mitigate the hellishness is the coronavirus quarantine, T-Mobile is stepping in with 2 months of free YouTube Premium as part of its “T-Mobile Tuesdays” rewards program.

T-Mobile‘s rewards already included free Netflix, but now users can redeem two months of free YouTube Premium. Just to catch up anyone who may be unaware, Premium is YouTube‘s subscription service that lets you duck its omnipresent ads, allow videos to play in the background on your phone even after you close the app, and also lets you download videos for later viewing. It’s also got some good original content like Cobra Kai, if you’re in need of yet more things to watch. It’s a decent package, especially if you can get it for free. You’ll also have free access to Youtube Music.

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YouTube Premium joins the list of digital amenities that are being offered for free. Currently that list includes things such as fitness classes — Planet Fitness is offering “Home Work-Ins” on its Facebook page. The Metropolitan Opera is also offering free streamed performances of its currently running plays, in an attempt to “brighten the lives of our audience members even while our stage is dark.” GOG is also offering several free games in its “Stay at home and play some games” promotion. Audible is offering several audiobooks for free to children currently out of school. Things might look kind of bleak at the moment, but at least we’ve got entertainment.

The phone service also today launched a low-cost mobile plan call T-Mobile Connect, which offers unlimited talk and texts, with 2GB of data for $15 a month. The plan was originally supposed to launch next month, after the company’s merger with Sprint was finalized, but they apparently launched it this month to help serve the needs of those whose financial status has changed due to the coronavirus. CEO John Legere says this is aimed at the “hardest hit,” and adds, “Right now, having a reliable, low-cost connection is absolutely crucial for Americans, and with many facing financial strain, time is of the essence. We knew we couldn’t wait for the merger to finalize to launch T-Mobile Connect, our lowest priced smartphone plan, so we’re rolling out ahead of schedule.”

T-Mobile‘s also partnering with Shaw Academy, an online classroom, so that users can have a free four-week course if they redeem it before April 13. To redeem both offers, T-Mobile users should visit the mobile site here. Android users can also access the rewards via the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. According to T-Mobile, users should save the offer for YouTube Premium by April 21 and redeem it by May 1.

The offer will be available starting tomorrow.

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