Hate Twitter’s new design? Here’s how to get the old look back

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You’ve probably heard about it: Twitter redesigned its platform to make it snappier and give you more color themes. But there’s a problem: a lot of people absolutely hate its new look. Don’t despair, though, there’s still a way to bring the old design back – and it’s actually pretty simple.

A developer going by the alias Zusor has built GoodTwitter, a simple add-on for Chrome and Firefox that resumes the Twitter‘s old design.

All you need to do is download the app, refresh the page, and boom – you’re done.

Without GoodTwitter.
With GoodTwitter.

So far, GoodTwitter has been downloaded by nearly 35,000 Chrome and Firefox users, attracting rave reviews on Reddit.

While the add-on isn’t yet available for Opera, some Redditors have suggested you can still get it to work by porting it from Chrome with this widget. We haven’t tested this method yet, so do it at your own discretion.

Now, some of you might have concerns the add-on is sniffing your data. It’s a totally valid concern, which is why the author of the extension has published the source code for the Chrome and the Firefox versions on GitHub here and here, respectively. So, feel free to dig deeper and rule out all your fears.

Of course, you always reserve the right to drop the add-on and get accustomed to the new design – like I did.

If not, head to this page to get GoodTwitter for Chrome and this page for Firefox.

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