Tenor launches SDK to help devs use GIFs in augmented reality

Tenor, creator of the hugely popular GIF search engine, has released an SDK that allows developers to integrate GIFs into their Unity-powered ARKit augmented reality applications. It’s like peak 2017 all rolled into one thing, and you can check it out in the video above.

The clip, which was created by digital creative studio Dift, imagines how it might be used in a messaging context. In one part, a group of people at the pub take a photo, and instead of simply looking at the camera and smiling, are instead adorned with clips from film, TV, and pop-culture. Because isn’t every moment enhanced with disembodied spectre of SpongeBob hovering above your head?

Honestly, this was inevitable. It’s said that 93-percent of communication is non-verbal. I’d say at least half of that comes in the form of GIFs. That’s just where we are right now.

And given AR tech is maturing at a rapid pace (Look at how the GIFs stay fixed to the same place, despite the wobbling and involuntary movement of the person holding the phone. ARKit is amazing stuff, man), I wouldn’t be surprised if this type of application becomes mainstream very quickly.

Developers eager to get hacking can download the SDK here. There’s also an example application to help you get started, should you need it.

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