Portal for Microsoft HoloLens makes real life look great again

While we’ve already seen independent studios render Valve’s award-winning puzzle Portal inside virtual reality, one creative developer has taken the concept up a notch by bringing the futuristic first-person game to augmented reality – and it looks absolutely stunning.

AR game-maker Kenny W took it to Reddit to share an awesome recreational project of his that borrows Portal’s incredible game mechanics and applies them straight to the real world.

To create this demo, the crafty developer found a way to play Portal with his Microsoft HoloLens glasses, which essentially allowed him to overlay the game’s mechanics onto real physical spaces and objects.

“The project itself was developed in the Unity 3D engine, which is fully supported by the HoloLens,” Kenny told TNW.

This is hardly the first first time Kenny W has used AR technology to put a creative spin on popular games. Last November, the inventive game-maker posted another impressive demo that re-imagined smash-hit sensation Pokémon Go inside AR.

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