Ireland’s Cubic Telecom partners with Woolworths Australia to take the sting out of roaming

Ireland’s Cubic Telecom partners with Woolworths Australia to take the sting out of roaming

Cubic Telecom, the private, fully licensed mobile network operator specialising in borderless communications, has announced  a partnership with Woolworths Mobile Global Roaming in Australia.

Australians have it tough when it comes to roaming charges seeing up to $20 AUD ($20.4 USD) per megabyte to access the Internet from overseas. Making calls from destinations like China can also cost up to $6 per minute. Ouch.

By teaming up with Cubic Telecom, Woolworths Mobile Global Roaming SIM can save Australian travelers as much as 90% on their phone bills.

When visiting the UK and using the service, Australians should be able to make calls to anywhere in the world for just 18c per minute and incoming calls are free of charge. All data requirements can be covered from $7 for a 250MB bundle.

As well as being sold on the Woolworths website, the Global Roaming SIMs will be sold at each of the 890 Woolworths stores nationwide and will come with $10 credit for a total cost of just $29.

They can be used in any unlocked phone and come in all sizes including the standard and micro SIM sizes and shortly after launch the new Nano SIM which fits into the iPhone 5.

Cubic Telecom’s service also provides features for greater cost control for travelers. This includes low balance alerts as well as the fact that it is a prepaid card, which ensures that customers stay on top of their roaming costs.

A recent OECD report showed that Australia was in the top ten for most expensive countries when it comes to downloading data. So this is likely to be good news for those who have the wanderlust but have to consider leaving their phone at home due to costs.

Cubic Telecom is well-versed when it comes to Australia’s roaming charges. The company already has partners Down Under including RoamingSIM.

The Irish company was founded in 2007 and spent its early years working on the technology that it now offers to partners all over the world.  As well as working under global brand names, it has its own global roaming service, Maxroam, which enables low-cost voice and data in over 220 countries using more than 600 mobile networks.

With better offers travelling from Ireland to Australia, it’s a wonder that the national telcos can still carry on charging fees that make no-one happy on their holidays.

Image Credit: Torbakhopper

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