Regator 2.0 goes public

Regator 2.0 goes public

Regator, the popular blog directory and search engine service has opened up v2.0 of their site to the public

Just over a week ago we handed out some exclusive beta invites that were snapped up fast.

Now everyone can get in on the action and see what all the fuss is about.

To reiterate, some of the improvements are:

  • An intuitive new interface – Large tabs at the top of the page clearly show your options rather than hiding features behind a login screen.
  • Grouped trends lists – Rather than simply presenting a list of the top twenty most-blogged-about stories, Regator’s new trends list groups terms related to the same story.
  • Trend graphing – In the new Trends tab, you can view and compare graphs showing the blog coverage that any term has received. Stories that cause major spikes on the graph are also displayed.
  • Improved search – Doing a search now shows which topics and blogs are covering your search term most and allows you to easily filter by date, topic, and blog.
  • Facebook Connect – You can now use Facebook Connect to log in (note: this feature and Delicious integration are not available in the Regator Premium iPhone app until after the private beta period).
  • Delicious integration – In addition to sharing posts via Twitter, Facebook, and email, you can now easily bookmark posts in Delicious.
  • Setup Wizard – It’s called the Wizard because it’s pretty magical. Simply entering in four interests will generate a list of topics that you might be interested in adding to your favorites. From there, Regator recommends great blogs to follow as well as keywords to monitor.
  • Blog Monitor – The Blog Monitor has always been an easy way to keep up with your specific interests (musicians, brands, authors, etc.). Now you can get RSS feeds for individual keywords to get posts about your favorite things delivered to your favorite feed reader.
  • Improved Blog Profiles – Blog Profiles now feature a graph of recent posting activity (number of posts per day), related blogs, an easy-to-scan archive, and blogger achievement ribbons.

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