SydStart – Where job seekers and startups meet – gaining momentum

SydStart – Where job seekers and startups meet – gaining momentum

Great to see SydStart getting some legs.

The event  will run for the first time on August 5th and is:

“a new forum for entrepreneurs, students, job seekers to meet co-founders/employees/employers in startups and get to wok. Find jobs. Find fellow visionaries. “

SydStart’s aim is to “level the playing field between startups and corporates so talented students and job seekers can work in cool startups where they can make a difference”

Sounds excellent to me.

You can find out more about the details here.

Behind the event is Peter Cooper, of Cooper Sydney, one of the real good guys of the Sydney startup scene.

As an Angel investor, Peter is how I wish all other local Angels would be.

He’s at most tech industry events no matter how big or small, gives advice out at almost any request with a straight to the point yet friendly attitude and is an active investor in local tech startups.

SydStart has gone from strength to strength since being announced a little while back.

Already they’ve had 45 startups confirm their interest in participating and more are signing up every day. All that’s missing now are as many students and job seekers as possible who are interested in working with a tech startup instead of trudging into the corporate world.

If you know anyone (startup or jobseeker) who might be interested, make sure you send them through the link to the event site.

This is an event that I think is really going to make a difference.

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