Update On Rotten Tomatoes’ Plans For Its International Sites

Update On Rotten Tomatoes’ Plans For Its International Sites

There’s been an update on the story we ran 3 days ago about  Rotten Tomatoes (RT)  re-considering their international strategy.

We’ve received official word from John Singh at RT’s PR firm, J2Communications, and it’s good news for users of RT’s international sites.

This is what Singh had to say:

Flixster (RT’s owner) is absolutely committed to continuing the localized versions of Rotten Tomatoes in the UK and Australia, which have been enormously successful and popular with cinemagoers.  Rotten Tomatoes will continue featuring localized content for each market, as well as the best (and worst) reviews from critics in Australia and the UK. The addition of Flixster adds a new audience and creates an online movies leader in both markets. We want to continue the momentum that our fantastic local teams have created.

At the same time, we’re centralizing editorial content in Hollywood, to bring fans closer to where the movie action is, and we’ll be bringing more of Rotten Tomatoes’ acclaimed content to users of both Rotten Tomatoes and Flixster.

In other words, editorial teams will be moved to the US but the localised sites will remain in operation.

RT’s support of the international sites is great news for Australia, the UK and any subsequent territories RT decides to move into with localised content.

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