Sony Fail: “Update” Brings Down PlayStation Network (PSN) Around The World [UPDATE]

Sony Fail: “Update” Brings Down PlayStation Network (PSN) Around The World [UPDATE]




Sony have released this information on their PSN blog:

We are aware that the internal clock functionality in the PS3 units other than the slim model, recognized the year 2010 as a leap year. Having the internal clock date change from February 29 to March 1 (both GMT), we have verified that the symptoms are now resolved and that users are able to use their PS3 normally.

If the time displayed on the XMB is still incorrect, users are able to adjust time settings manually or via the internet. If we have new information, we will update you through the PlayStation.Blog

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


PS3 owners around the world are complaining that a recent upgrade has left them with in-game errors and unable to access the online gaming Sony PlayStation Network (PSN).

Reports, beginning just a few hours ago from Australia, North America and Europe, started a flood of complaints about people not only being unable to access the PSN but having the failure kick them out of games.

One reported problem is an 80001050F error code which is corrupting trophy information in games like Heavy Rain. Trophies monitor players’ progress throughout the game and without the correct information people are being kicked straight back to the XMB, the main menu system in Sony’s gaming consoles.

There’s still no official word on the problem but it could go beyond the PSN itself into the hardware.

Owners of PS3 Fats (the old-school PS3’s) are reporting that the date on their console has reverted to 12/31/1999. This may have something to do with the reasons why some PS3 owners are also receiving errors while the console is offline.

It should be said that Sony quickly acknowledged the problem and tweeted that they were looking into it – but that’s little help to the millions of gamers out there who have been unable to get their fix for the past few hours.

Updates will be posted as they come.

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