Launches Fashion Feed – Fashion News Just Got Real-Time and Social Launches Fashion Feed – Fashion News Just Got Real-Time and Social

styleLeading fashion site, has just changed the fashion news game by launching  Fashion Feed, an aggregated news site for all the latest fashion buzz from around the real time and social web.

The new site brings together all the greatest sources for fashion, beauty, gossip and street style from across the web and ranks the content into lists of what’s important as determined by the Internet, not some ice-queen who wears Prada holed up in an office in Manhattan.

The core of the site is the engine behind We Are Hunted, a site which revolutionised the idea of the music chart. My feeling is that Fashion Feed will do the same to fashion news.

The aim, according to the team, is to make Fashion Feed the starting point for up-to-the-minute top news on designers, models, celebrities, labels impacting the world of fashion.

Using the site is dead simple.

The main landing page gives a quick scan of the top 10 “most buzzed about” or “latest news” stories, along with similar top 10 lists specific to beauty and street style blogs.  The top 10 lists show thumbnails of images from those blog posts, and with a click the user can navigate to read that story on the original blog while also staying within the Fashion Feed navigation.

Fashion Feed’s ‘engine’ also extracts mentions of specific people and labels in these blog posts. Along with the ability to read a story, there’s also a link that takes a user deep into news about a specific designer, model, celebrity, and label mentioned.  Overall, the Fashion Feed represents headlines from over 150 sources and over 500 entities.

Another nice feature is the charting functionality that presents the Top 40 most buzzed and influential about designers, models, celebrities and labels.

Stephen Phillips from We Are Hunted (as well as Australian startup Wotnews, which built the semantic engine behind Fashion Feed), was happy with the outcome, if a little tired:

“We built the site in about 3 weeks to be ready in time for NY Fashion week that starts Thursday.”

“It’s been lots of fun working with a company on the other side of the world, especially one as well-known as Conde Naste, the owner of as well as media properties such as Vogue, GQ, Reddit and Wired.”

When asked about the nature of the partnership between We Are Hunted and Conde Naste Phillips said:

“We licensed our tech to Conde Nast in a similar deal to the one we did with Macquarie Bank  when building their next-generation share-trading platform last year. They designed the front end of the site, we built it using our platform. “

The site has had a couple of back-end issues this morning – DNS errors are being returned from time to time –  but a refresh normally sorts this out.

If you’re a fashionista this is definitely one to check out and pass around to your friends.

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