The Next Web Australia Awards – Nominate Your Favourites

The Next Web Australia Awards – Nominate Your Favourites

With 2009 coming to a close, it’s only right that we try to make a list of some sort highlighting those start-ups, and entrepreneurs, who have made a difference throughout the year.


Below are the categories you can nominate Australian startups and people for:

  • Best New Australian Startup – this is a start-up launched in 2009
  • Breakout Award – Startups that finally made it big in 2009
  • Plain Cool – For start-ups that, as the name suggests, are just plain cool.
  • Most Likely To Change The World – For start-ups that have big goals and might just achieve them
  • Startup Person of the Year – To recognise an exceptional, inspirational person working in a startup
  • Best Web startup – The big gong for web startups
  • Best Mobile startup – The big gong for mobile startups
  • Best Enterprise startup – The big gong for enterprise startups


Nominating is easy.

Simply put the name of a startup and which category(s) you’d like to nominate them for in the comments of this post or email them to me at kim [at] au.thenextweb [dot] com

We’ll add your nominations to the nominations of TNW AU Awards’ panel then pick the finalists, which we’ll announce publicly.

The winner will be announced not long after that.

Some points to note:

  • Nominations will close on December 31st
  • You can nominate your own startup or yourself
  • You can nominate a startup for as many categories as you think they should win
  • You can nominate more than one startup for each category


There are no prizes, no money, just some great publicity, the nice feeling that comes from being recognised by your peers and a sexy badge to stick on your website/blog.


If you need some inspiration maybe check out the Top 100 Aussie Web Startups list, but keep in mind that that’s not a comprehensive list by any means and that there are no mobile start-ups there.

You could also search through any of the following startup databases/sites:

Make sure you spread the word – we want the best of the best Aussie startups and people to be recognised

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