Move Over Eventbrite – New Registration, Ticketing Site Eventarc Launches

Move Over Eventbrite – New Registration, Ticketing Site Eventarc Launches

Eventarc, a ticketing and event registration startup based in the Melbourne, Australia, has publicly launched after more than two years of development.

The service allows anyone to create an event registration page and commence accepting credit card payments in real time, without the need to know any computer code.

They plan to take on incumbents in the space, services like Eventbrite, by providing a service that is more powerful, flexible and intuitive than anything else out there.

I’ve had a play with the site, and they’re not exaggerating.

“The interface we provide for users to build their event pages is radically different from anything currently on the market”, said co-founder Scott Handsaker.

“It is a visual, point and click approach that we think is far more flexible and intuitive than the traditional method of filling in form fields. The initial feedback from customers has been extremely positive”. 

Part of the attraction of Eventarc are the added features for organisers looking to raise money. This includes a donations widget, full merchandise store and integrated sponsorship profiles. Each of these modules can be integrated at point of sale or used independently from the event on the customers website. Eventarc will also look after  full financial reporting and automatic e-ticketing.

Eventarc is free for free events and paid events incur a 5% booking fee.

The team already have a bunch of high profile clients in Australia including RSPCA, IMAX Melbourne, Make Breast Cancer History and the Mothers Day Classic and have their eyes on expanding throughout Australia early in the new year.

After that, the plan is to take over the world.

“We plan to make it easy enough for any sized event to benefit from our service. Online event  registration and ticketing is a much more efficient way of doing business than excel spreadsheets and chasing phone calls”, said Handsaker.


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