Valve announces Steam China

Valve announces Steam China

Valve today announced it was collaborating with Chinese game company Perfect World to develop a version of its popular platform Steam specifically for Chinese gamers.

According to a Valve spokesperson, the new service, called Steam China, would give gamers and developers in the country “with a new way to access Steam’s expansive selection of games and entertainment.”

Perfect World, a game developer specializing in MMOs, such as Neverwinter and Swordsman Online, has been in partnership with Steam since 2012. It currently holds exclusive rights to distribute two of Steam’s biggest games — Counter Strike: Global Offensive and DOTA 2 — to the Chinese market.

While the Steam storefront in its current state is accessible in China, access to the Community was cut off late last year. It currently faces stiff competition from the homegrown Tencent, which is expanding further into gaming with its investment in Fortnite. The creation of a dedicated service in partnership with a Chinese company could help bring Steam back to full power in the country.

Valve hasn’t yet revealed a release date for Steam China.

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