This tiny Japanese town has the cutest drone mascot ever

The town of Oji in Japan’s Nara prefecture may not have as many major tourist attractions as Tokyo, or even remotely compare in size at just over four square miles – but it does have what might be the world’s first mascot drone.

Yukimaru is a cute little quadcopter disguised as a dog, and is named after the pet of Prince Shotoku, who was a 7th century politician and is believed to have encountered the first Chinese patriarch of Chan Buddhism.

The adorable mascot is featured in a promotional video for the town of Oji, which is home to the Daruma temple linked to Prince Shotoku’s story. Hit the play button above to follow him around Oji’s main attractions, including the temple, the Mt. Myojin Summit, the Bell of Eternal Lovers and even a shrine dedicated to the original Yukimaru.

Learn more about Oji here and check out the Yukimaru drone up close here.

Via Rocket News 24

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