UberCARGO lets you transport your stuff and fulfill deliveries with a van in Hong Kong


Despite facing numerous roadblocks in running its service around the world, Uber isn’t stepping on the brakes anytime soon. The cab service has just launched UberCARGO in Hong Kong, a new program that lets users hail vans to help them move house, transport large items and even allow businesses to make deliveries.

Users can request a van to pick up their stuff, and can choose to ride along in the back seat or send it on its way to a recipient while tracking the vehicle via the Uber app. Drivers can also be requested to assist in loading cargo if necessary.

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The company has experimented with offering moving services in the past: Uber ran its UberMOVERS program in Atlanta to help college students move into their dorms last August.

UberCARGO: A Reliable Ride for Your Items [Uber Blog]


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