Samsung talks up its design processes and original thinking with new website

Samsung talks up its design processes and original thinking with new website

What’s the best way to deny long-standing rumors that you copy someone else’s work? Aside from getting a big power (like Google) to back you up, how about a website that explains how you do what you do? That’s the route Samsung is taking with its newest website which is devoted to the company’s design processes. features ‘product stories’ and ‘meaningful stories’ which tell the design tales behind Samsung products — that includes washing machines, TVs and other products behind its mobile devices.

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This isn’t the first time Samsung has placed emphasis on its design — its Samsung Global blog has featured many design stories, like these two posts on its internal processes, while it denied copying Apple following the 2012 court defeat to its US rival — but putting these ‘stories’ together on a single website is a pretty clear sign that it wants to place more emphasis on its own, original work.

This is likely to do little to stifle the suggestions that Samsung ‘found inspiration’ in Apple’s work, but it at least shows that Samsung is trying harder to differentiate itself from its Cupertino-based rival and other competitors.

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