Sharp is bringing full-HD LCD viewing to the masses with new 5-inch mobile displays

Sharp is bringing full-HD LCD viewing to the masses with new 5-inch mobile displays

Sharp is doing its part to bridge the gap between big screen technology and mobile devices after it revealed that it has begun producing 5-inch full-HD LCD panels that it says bring the pixel density of a full HD-LCD TV to smartphone screens.

The 1,080 by 1,920 pixel panels generate a pixel density of 443 ppi which Sharp claims is 1.3 times above the industry-standard. The Japanese firm is pushing the benefits of crisp text, super-clear maps and real HD images, which it says its state of the art CG-Silicon technology enables.

Production began at the end of September and the 100-year-old company — which secured a crucial $4.6 billion loan on Friday — says it will ramp up to begin full-scale production at its plant in Kameyama, Mie, sometime this month.

“By providing ultra-detailed LCD panels to support the growing worldwide demand for smartphones, Sharp will contribute to smartphones with increasingly higher quality images,” a company announcement read.

While full-HD LCD screens are not an industry-first, rival LG claimed that crown in May (and is bringing them to market with the Optimus Vu), Sharp coming aboard will see the benefits of the technology come to more devices –  which can only be a good thing.

The screens, and the beautiful renditions they create, will be shown off at the company’s booth at CEATEC Japan 2012, which takes place in Chiba from October 2-6.

Sharp produces the 4-inch screen for Apple’s iPhone 5 and the company was forced to hit back at claims that its shortfall was responsible for low supply of the in-demand smartphone. A company executive revealed that, despite its financial issues, the company is making “adequate volumes” of displays.

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