Dropbox introduces support for Korean as the Samsung Galaxy S III launch edges closer

Dropbox introduces support for Korean as the Samsung Galaxy S III launch edges closer

Dropbox is saying ‘An Nyoung’ to South Korea after the company revealed that it is making the popular file sharing service available in Korean.

The Web-based portal and “selected” Android apps will be localized first, before apps for the Mac, PC and iOS follow suit, although no time frame for the additions has been disclosed.

The move to offer a localized service for Korea builds on Dropbox’s partnership with Samsung, and comes ahead of the launch of the Korean firm’s Galaxy S III smartphone, which has Dropbox storage integrated into it.

Thanks to the partnership, owners of the much-anticipated smartphone and other Samsung-Android handsets will enjoy 50 GB of free space for two years under the Dropbox Pro service, something that would cost the rest of us $200.

Users will soon get a chance to use the service after Samsung announced the initial launch of the device to 28 countries across Europe and the Middle East yesterday, with plans to up that number to 145 markets worldwide by July.

Dropbox also revealed that it has added a small (but valuable) update for its other users, after it made it faster to access and watch video content on the service. Given that videos are the most consumed file type, as Dropbox reveals, the benefits are likely to be much appreciated the world over.

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