Tencent’s mobile gaming platform hits 200 million registered users

Tencent’s mobile gaming platform hits 200 million registered users

Tencent this week revealed some impressive statistics around the success of its mobile gaming platform, Mobile QQ Game Hall, which has surpassed 200 million registered users.

According to a report from Marbridge Consulting which cites a Chinese news report, Tencent is seeing 13 million users on the platform every day, with usage peaking at more than 1 million concurrent gamers in the games platform.

In China’s fragmented handset market, Tencent has found success in its support of a range of platforms, including Symbian, Java, Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7, while there is also an HTML 5 version.

Right now, the selection is fairly slim, with just “several dozen” games available. Tencent has claimed it is adding more titles to the collection of casual games, which already includes Chinese chess and Tetris, amongst others.

As you’d expect, the platform is linked to Tencent’s hugely popular Weibo service — which boasts more than 250 million members — and the company continues to further ‘socialize’ the gaming experience for users.

To give some comparison, Facebook just announced it is seeing 60 million users interacting with its apps each month, leaving Tencent’s figures to show just how developed China’s Web space is. Tencent Weibo and Sina Weibo both have integrated games services and, with mobile a key Internet access point for many in China and Asia, a mobile games platform has the potential to succeed there.

Japanese firms DeNA and GREE have both taken huge strides with their mobile social gaming platforms. The firms are currently involved in a legal tangle but have been working to extend the range of their service worldwide, and both are active in China.

This month, GREE agreed a deal to bring its platform to Baidu Yi devices, building on a similar deal with Alibaba to take its gaming platform to Aliyun OS devices. While DeNA is also active in China after launching its Mobage gaming service in the country in July 2011.

Mobile QQ Game Hall can be accessed from a PC which made us initially hestitant of these figures, however we clarified with Marbridge who confirmed that the 200 million subscriber number is for mobile users only.

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