China’s Social Media Revolution [Infographic]

China’s Social Media Revolution [Infographic]

In 2010, there were 1 million censored articles in China. But despite China’s iron fist on social media censorship, the influence of the Internet is undeniable in the country, as its digital consumers continue to find ways to embrace social networking platforms by creating their own domestic versions.

While sites like Facebook, The Huffington Post, Google Docs, Twitter and Vimeo are blocked, dozens of copycat platforms have sprung up to keep the 500 million Chinese citizens that are online happily occupied.

Admittedly, I’m tired of infographics but this one is different. Infographics are meant to elucidate complicated situations, and China’s relationship with the Internet is as complicated as a situation can be. Enjoy and click on the image for full size. 

The infographic was created for, Gerson Lehrman Group’s new online business Q&A platform.

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