China Mobile is adding new customers at a rate of two EVERY SECOND

China Mobile is adding new customers at a rate of two EVERY SECOND

Over the last year, China Mobile, the world’s biggest operator, has been adding new subscribers at a rate of just over two per second, according to new data released by the operator.

Last month saw China Mobile increase its customer base to 638.89 million customers, after gaining 5.37 million new subscribers during October.

That’s impressive, but this growth is common with what the company has posted over the last year during which it has added 63,873,000 new subscribers, that’s an average of just over two new accounts per second!

China Mobile is the world’s largest mobile operator and it continues to grow strongly as the charts below, developed from data from the operator, show.

And here is its new customer growth rate this year. While it has varied month to month, its new acquisition rate has not dropped lower than 5 million new additions per month since December 2010.

The operator doesn’t release its long-term 3G numbers, but it is seeing encouraging signs based on recent numbers, as of October 2011, the operator has 45.33 million 3G subscribers. While that is just 7 percent of its customer base, it’s 3G growth is showing impressive signs as almost half of its new sign-ups in October (2.17 million) were for its 3G service.

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