YouTube to tap Korean Pop scene with dedicated K-Pop streaming service

YouTube to tap Korean Pop scene with dedicated K-Pop streaming service

Google has announced that it will develop a dedicated YouTube service for Korean pop music, a report by the Yonhap News Agency reveals.

The announcement comes after Google Chairman Eric Schmidt met with South Korean President Lee Myung Bak this morning, as part of a visit to the country. No time frame was given for the service, although President Lee has asked Schmidt to “actively” cooperate and work with South Korean technology companies to put it in place.

Details of exactly what Google is planning are scant at this stage but it seems safe to assume that it will be a dedicated platform through which K-Pop (Korean pop) stars’ music can be accessed across the world, much like a regular YouTube channel. The fact that Google is being asked to cooperate with local companies suggests that it could be more than just a dedicated K-Pop YouTube channel presence, but will have to wait for more specific information.

Schmidt is expected to mark his time in South Korea by presiding over a number of deals and investments this week. The search giant is focused on growing its presence and further developing its Android mobile operating system in the Asian country.

A Korea pop service would see Google leverage the country’s vibrant music scene to gain greater exposure in amongst Korea Internet users who prefer local services to Google. Greater prominence and a dedicated channel or service for Korea’s pop music industry will help grow its international reach, which already spans much of Asia.

Speculation has linked the Mountain View giant to a possible bid for Korea’s second largest search engine, Daum, and — going on Google’s own description that Schmidt’s is “more than just a diplomatic gesture” — we could yet see more announcements from Google in the country this week.

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