Taiwanese telco commits to boosting Internet speeds tenfold by 2015

Taiwanese telco commits to boosting Internet speeds tenfold by 2015

Chunghwa Telecom, the largest telecommunication service provider in Taiwan, announced in a press conference its ambitious plans to boost Taiwan’s telecom infrastructure to a ridiculously fast minimum speed of 100 megabits-1 gigabit per second by 2015, reports Taiwan tech blog TechOrange.

At the news conference, Chunghwa chairman Lu Shyue-ching said that “The 10-fold growth in data transmission rate is fertile soil that can nurture Taiwan’s industry sector.” To make it a reality, the company will invest 200 billion NT (US $6.94 billion) for the broadband project, with sixty-five percent of all network equipment to be purchased from local manufacturers.

Taiwanese Internet users don’t have to wait for 2015 to experience the benefits of the infrastructure upgrade. According to the report, in this year alone, Chunghwa will install 2,000 Evolved High-Speed Packet Access base stations to increase Internet speeds of wireless broadband users.

According to Digitimes, the construction of a better broadband infrastructure further aims to hike Internet-access download speeds to 500Mbps-1Gbps for home users and 1-100Gbps for business users by 2020, CHT pointed out.

“Blazing fast Internet” seems to be a hot trend in Asia, with China and Korea leading the way. With this initiative, Taiwan surely won’t get left behind.

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