One of every three iPhones in China is Jailbroken

One of every three iPhones in China is Jailbroken

UMeng, a firm that gathers statistics for Chinese mobile developers, recently published a report on the iOS usage in China. Believe it or not, 34.6% or one of every three iPhones in China is jailbroken.

The Infographic below is in Chinese but for the sake of our non-Chinese readers, here are some of the interesting findings as translated by TechNode:

  • iPhone 4 is the most popular iOS device which takes 54% of the market share; iPhone 3GS takes the 2nd with 16.1%;
  • Majority of the iOS devices has been upgraded to 4.1 or above;
  • In average, 34.6% of iOS devices have been jailbroken. Particularly, the percentage of jailbroken iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 are close to 40%.
  • iOS users are relatively less interested in jaikbreaking iPad, only 27% of iPad are jailbroken;
  • Users are willing to use iPhone more in daytime (before 7pm), and after 7pm iPad is a better choice;
  • Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu are the major cities/provinces where 52% of iOS users are based.

The research firm noted on its official blog that the number of jailbroken iOS devices does not directly translate to app piracy. A good number of the iPhones and iPads in China are bought from the grey market, where jailbreaking services are usually offered for free. The firm believes that some jailbroken iOS devices are still potential paid-users.

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