Japanese clothing store Uniqlo, makes fun Twitter visualization app

Japanese clothing store Uniqlo, makes fun Twitter visualization app

In an innovative marketing campaign Uniqlo, a Japanese clothing chain, has made a Twitter visualization app called UTweet.

The application allows you to enter your Twitter username or search keywords, it then polls Twitter for tweets with your username or keyword you input. The app takes those tweets, turns your avatar red, and displays them in an entertaining visual show along with music making a fun way to watch your Twitter updates.

It’s much more interesting to watch it though than to read about it, so as an example, you can click here to watch the tweets from The Next Web Asia’s Twitter account set to music. Or you may enter your own Twitter account or search terms in the app here.

This isn’t the first time that Uniqlo has published an app to attract the attention of the web-savvy generation of customers. In 2008 a Uniqlo app was released for the iPhone. The iPhone application is an extended version of their TV and web commercials, that have catchy music set to images and video of people wearing different outfits from the Uniqlo clothing line.

Kudos to Mitcho on Twitter.

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