TypePad Adds Twitter APIs, Enables Posting Via Twitter Apps

TypePad Adds Twitter APIs, Enables Posting Via Twitter Apps

SixApart’s hosted TypePad blogging engine has now added new Twitter and TwitPic compatible APIs, allowing standard twitter apps, such as Tweetie 2, to post on TypePad blogs.

However in order to use the TypePad API the Twitter client must allow a custom Twitter API server URL to be entered like Tweetie 2 does.

Some other Twitter apps that have this option to enter a custom URL are Gravity for Symbian devices and Spaz for WebOS, Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux.

The TypePad address to enter when adding the custom twitter URL is: https://twitter.api.typepad.com

For those of you hosting your own blog using SixApart’s Movable Type, it appears that the Twitter-compatible APIs are not yet available for it. Hopefully in the future these APIs will also be brought to Movable Type.

As usage of Twitter and Twitter clients has become increasingly popular, blogging services have been looking for ways to integrate with the Twitter app ecosystem. Late last year WordPress added Twitter APIs to their own API offering.

I’m sure many of you will agree, after starting to tweet you may find yourself spending more time posting on twitter than your blog, leaving your personal blog somewhat neglected. Using the WordPress and TypePad Twitter-compatible APIs is a way to post with a familiar app not only to your blogs, but also to your Twitter accounts, so you don’t have to download yet another app.

Developers and TypePad users that wish to use the new APIs can find the TwitPic API documentation here, and for Twitter here.

Source: TypePad adds Twitter-compatible API (article in Japanese)

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