Order Pizza from your iPhone with Domino’s iPhone App

Order Pizza from your iPhone with Domino’s iPhone App

Domino’s Pizza have released an iPhone app just in time for the cherry blossom picnic/Spring season.

Picture this, your sitting under the cherry blossoms drinking beer or sake on a beautiful spring day. Then after a couple of those beverages your friends get hungry. Should you get up and walk to the nearest grocery store or fast food joint? Wouldn’t it be easier to order a pizza from your mobile? Well now you can, at least on an iPhone in Japan.

When ordering from the Domino’s app your current location can be shared as the delivery destination. The order will be delivered from the Domino’s closest to you. The app also displays coupons that are for only for the iPhone app.

For deliveries the minimum order is 1,000 Yen (around $10 US). If you regularly buy a certain dish it’s possible to save your order, so that you can re-order it again quickly next time.

One thing you’ll need to do before ordering with the app is register your name and payment method (credit card) on Dominos.jp, it can be done from Safari on your iPhone if you haven’t register before. This makes sense since Domino’s wouldn’t want to give up 70% of your payment to Apple.

Are there pizzeria’s in your neighborhood that you’d like to more easily order from? What if they offered an application for iPhone, Android, or other platforms to make the order process easier than a phone call? Or if you’re a developer, maybe this is an opportunity to offer your services to a local pizzeria or other restaurants in your neighborhood that deliver.

Source: Excite Japan (article in Japanese)

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