Thisairbnbdoesntexist’s AI generates Airbnbs a hip computer would want to stay in

Thisairbnbdoesntexist’s AI generates Airbnbs a hip computer would want to stay in
Credit: Thisairbnbdoesntexist

Hello, welcome to yet another episode of the “thisdoesntexist” AI experiment. A clever developer has harness the power of AI to make a site that generates non-existent Airbnb’s that look almost like the real thing.

This new site produces fictional Airbnb ads with photos, details of the property, and even a host; each time you click refresh, you’ll get a new fake listing. It’s made by Christopher Schmidt, a software engineer, who was inspired by a similar project called thispersondoesntexist.

To make this happen, he trained an AI to generate a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, and a dining room, and merged the results into the new site.

If you want to learn more about the technology powering this madness, my colleague Tristan wrote an amazing piece about the human generating AI.

While you’re here, check out some Airbnb’s that don’t exist.

Airbnb 1
Credit: thisairbnbdoesnotexist
Airbnb 2
Credit: thisairbnbdoesnotexist
Credit: thisairbnbdoesnotexist

Previously, we saw thispersondoesntexist generating non-existant humans, and thiscatdoesntexists generating really weird cats. In this episode, we have non-existent Airbnbs with thisairbnbdoesntexist site.

If you want to see what other fake things AI can make, there’s now a list of thisdoesntexist projects on GitHub.

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