This Twitter bot will colorize your black-and-white photos in seconds

This Twitter bot will colorize your black-and-white photos in seconds
Credit: @jarcher_media10

Colorise Bot is a Twitter bot which, if you tweet it a photograph of a black-and-white photograph, will transform it into a picture of technicolor genius. The best part? It’s super fast, with some images colorized in a matter of seconds.

This quirky tool is the product of two (British, obviously — “colorise”) teenagers, Oli Callaghan and Finnian Anderson. Oli is 18, while Finnian is just 17.

According to a blog post published by Anderson, Colorise Bot uses a pre-made neural network that’d been trained on a large dataset of 4.5 million images.

The end result is one that’s amazingly accurate. All day, I’ve seen people in my timeline post photographs of their parents and grandparents. The final product is one that looks pretty realistic, although it’s obvious the pictures have undergone a process to transform them.

Neural networks are rad, aren’t they? To use Colorise Bot, just tweet it a black-and-white picture. It’ll get back to you pretty quickly.

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