Watch this documentary about the AI-powered future of self-driving cars

With giants like Google, Apple, Samsung and Uber in the race, we are likely to begin spotting driverless vehicles on the road much more often in the years to come. But what is the current state of affairs in the self-driving car industry? This fascinating short documentary will bring you up to date.

Produced by Red Hat Films, Road to AI explores the future of technology at the intersection between self-driving cars and artificial intelligence. The docufilm is the latest instalment to the company’s Open Source Stories series that traces the various ways in which AI has crept into our lives and surroundings.

Featuring commentaries from AI luminaries like Nutonomy CEO Karl Iagnemma, Skymind CEO Chris Nicholson, Google researcher François Chollet and Duke University professor Mary Cummings, Road to AI takes a deep look at how AI is paving the way for self-driving cars to reach the masses.

“AI will increasingly integral to our lives, to our society. It will become part of our basic infrastructure of society, it will become our interface to the world, to a world that will be increasingly information rich and complex. AI will change what it means to be human,” says Chollet.

Building on this thought, Road to AI goes on to speculate it is precisely AI that will save lives on the roads and help autonomous driving tech cement its way into mainstream ubiquity.

Road to AI premieres today with a debut on two fronts – both online and at the Red Hat Summit in Boston. Watch the full documentary in the video section above.

Road to AI on Red Hat

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