Check out this Beatles-inspired song written entirely by AI

Check out this Beatles-inspired song written entirely by AI

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are the only two surviving members of The Beatles, but if they ever want to take the show back on the road, this AI would probably be a welcome addition.

Sony CSL Research Labratory is releasing an album next year of songs written entirely by artificial intelligence. Of them, this derivative work could be the title track. The music for ‘Daddy’s Car,’was written entirely by AI and put together by French composer Benoît Carré. Carré also wrote the lyrics and arranged the harmonies.

So, while not entirely robot-driven, the AI definitely gets at least a production credit for its hard work in writing the original piece.

You can check out the song here:

via Boing Boing

Daddy's Car: a song composed by Artificial Intelligence - in the style of the Beatles on YouTube

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