Yep, Twitter is down right now (Update: it’s back)

Yep, Twitter is down right now (Update: it’s back)
Credit: Twitter (edited)

Update 15:12PM UTC: Nevermind. Twitter seems to be back up and running.

Nope, it’s not just you: Twitter is down for many users across the globe.

The service appears to be experiencing downtime in Central Europe, Japan, and the US West Coast, with thousands of users reporting being unable to access the service on Down Detector.

Here’s a screenshot of DownDetector’s outage heatmap that’ll give you a better idea of the areas worst affected by the issue.

Twitter has yet to acknowledge the downtime on its official status page, so hopefully the service will be back up shortly.

Look, we know it sucks. It’s especially bad for us since we’re currently hosting our very first fully virtual edition of our flagship TNW Conference. The good thing is since we both can’t use Twitter, we might as well catch some talks, right?

With Twitter down, most live coverage of our online conference has been suspended,” our social media manager Ailsa Sherrington told me. “We can’t use it as a tool for customer support, or interact with our audience.” Go prove her wrong.

We’ve reached out to Twitter to ask what’s going on and we’ll update this piece accordingly.

In the meantime, use the downtime as an opportunity to meditate, explore Wikipedia, reconnect with your loved ones, and you know, take a break from sharing opinions nobody cares about. Did I mention you should maybe catch a talk?

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