This 3D app lets you design the perfect desk setup before buying anything

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Each time I’m buying furniture I’d look up the dimensions of my studio and quickly draw a sketch of how things would fit. It’s bit of a hassle, but it’s the easiest way to avoid buying something that doesn’t fit. I don’t apply the same method when it comes to arranging my desk, but if you do — there’s an app that might help you plan better.

Enter DeskSpacing, a web-based tool that lets you design your desk setup before you buy your things. There’s multiple desk variants to choose from, including the popular Linnmon model you’ll find in IKEA (and it looks just as plain and fragile as the real thing). You can also select between different sizes.

The cool thing about the app is it has a list of items and pre-selected sizes you can choose from — anything from desks hardware like screens and keyboards to miscellaneous items like coffee cups, lamps, and books. That makes it fairly easy to quickly sketch up how your desk might look like with all your belongings on it.

You can also move the items across the desk, and rotate the scene to view it from various angles — almost as if you’re inside actual 3D modelling software. To move an item, simply click on it and drag it across the axis.

You can check out DeskSpacing by clicking here.

Correction: This piece initially suggested that users can’t move objects up or down, but a DeskSpacing app has since indicated you can enable the Y axis option by holding down the Y key on your keyboard.

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