This Chrome extension lets you share your Netflix and Spotify accounts with friends

This Chrome extension lets you share your Netflix and Spotify accounts with friends

There’s very little chance that in your lifetime, you’ve not used someone else’s password to login to a service. And if you’ve shared your Netflix password, you might lose track at some point of how many people are using it.

Keyring is launching its Chrome extension that helps you share subscriptions, such as Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal, with friends. You can share six subscriptions with three people for free or pay $5 a month to share an unlimited number of subscriptions with five folks.

If you think you’ve heard about something like this before, you’re right. DoNotPay launched a similar extension last year. However, it was taken off Chrome’s store.

While DoNotPay didn’t limit the number of users you can share a subscription with though a link, KeyRing draws a line at three users on the free tier and five users on the paid tier. The intention is not to let an unlimited number of people use your subscription, so you don’t have to track them down.

Joining Keyring is simple: you install the extension and sign in to your account. Then you add services that you want to share and invite your friends over. Keyring will also recommend you content to consume across services– you can browse through trailers or article snippets till you decide to click on something.

Chino Lex, the founder of Keyring, has a long-term vision for account sharing. He noted a recent study and said more than 44 million adults in the US share passwords, so there’s definitely a need for a secure alternative for sharing credentials.

Lex’s long-term plan is to work with content providers to cook up bundles that might be pocket friendly for students. He told me that knows about the probability of being kicked out of Chrome Store, but he’s not thinking about it as of now.

You can checkout Keyring here.

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