YouTube rolls out personalized ‘topics filters’ on iOS and Web

YouTube rolls out personalized ‘topics filters’ on iOS and Web

YouTube is making it easier for you to watch videos on topics that you like. The streaming company is rolling out recommendation filters in the form of topic bubbles on desktop and iOS that’ll be situated atop your feed.

The company said previously the feature was only available on Android. However, it’s rolling out to iOS and desktop users starting today. So you might see that appear on top of your feed anytime now. These topics are based on your viewing history and personalized recommendations.

YouTube has also added support for French, Portuguese, and Spanish languages for this feature. 

YouTube reccomendation

The company says this topic bar will also show up for the “Up Next” section as well while browsing for videos. It said these “topics you see may relate to the video or channel you’re watching, or other topics we think you’re interested in based on your previous watch history.”

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While I see the feed filters on my home screen, they don’t appear on the “Up Next” section for me just yet.

YouTube has always had complaints about its recommendations. This feature might be a step in the right direction to avoid that. It might remove unrelated recommendations while you’re watching videos on a particular topic. Who would want to see videos about deadly diseases while you’re peacefully enjoying some scrumptious food videos?

Plus, if YouTube can generate specialized tags and categories in with fine detail, it might get more people to go down various rabbit holes like tiny house videos, or raccoon videos. The possibilities are endless.

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