Use this code to remove the Coronavirus Tracker ransomware

Use this code to remove the Coronavirus Tracker ransomware

If you were unfortunate enough to fall victim to the malicious Coronavirus Tracker app for Android, we’ve got some good news: You can unlock your phone without paying the Bitcoin ransom.

Researchers from security firm ESET have noticed the hackers hard-coded the ransomware key. Even better: After digging into the code, the researchers were able to extract key. To remove the malicious app, simply enter the following code: 4865083501.

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It remains unclear how users fell for the Coronavirus Tracker ransomware, but DomainTool, the company which first unearthed it, notes the campaign doesn’t seem to have spread widely. Still, the code should come in handy to those affected.

As we previously reported, hackers are exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to spread malware. Indeed, domains with coronavirus-related names are 50% more likely to infect your system than any other domains. Researchers further warn there’s a surge in malicious coronavirus maps and dashboards.

If you’re still looking for an app to track the spread of coronavirus, make sure to pick one from a legitimate source — we’ve got some suggestions for you.

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