Spotify just made it easier to see what podcasts are about

Spotify just made it easier to see what podcasts are about

Spotify wants to make it easier for you to discover and preview podcasts you might dig — so it has revamped its podcast section to better accommodate your needs.

The streaming service announced that starting today podcast descriptions will be more prominent so you can get a sense of what a show is about at a glance, without having to swipe for further details.. It’ll also display “descriptive show categories” under each podcast, ranging from “personal stories” to “true crime,” “travel,” and “relationships.”

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In addition to those changes, Spotify is also moving “trailer” snippets all the way to the top of the episode list, so you can preview a show before committing. It’s worth mentioning this will only happen if a show has already added a trailer — if not, you won’t notice any difference.

Spotify says despite these UI changes, the podcast section maintains all of its older features, so the experience shouldn’t feel unfamiliar — just improved, or so the company hopes.

Personally, I’m yet to receive the new look (running version on Android), but that might have to do with where I’m based (Amsterdam). Chances are the update is already available to users in the US, though.

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