Instagram might soon let you post group stories

Instagram might soon let you post group stories

Instagram might finally let you make stories for your group. According to app researcher Jane Mancun Wong, the company is currently testing out this feature in one of the app’s test builds.

Screenshots posted in Wong’s tweet indicates once you snap a photo from the stories camera option, it’ll let you post it to your stories, stories visible to only close friends, and stories for a group. Plus, you’ll be able to create a new group and post your story there too.

This can be quite useful if you have groups with specific shared interests on Instagram. You can post stories related to that topic just to your group instead of sharing it with a wider range of people.

Last month, Facebook closed down its group stories feature just after nine months of its introduction. However, it can find a valuable place in a more photo-friendly platform.

At the moment, there’s no word on when this feature will be available for users. We’ll keep an eye out for you, and update you the moment it releases.

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