Slack now loads 33% faster – and eats up 50% less of your RAM

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No, you’re not imaging things: the latest iteration of Slack for desktop is significantly snappier. Not only that, it also eats up much less of your device’s memory.

In an announcement on July 22, the company said its desktop client now loads 33 percent faster than before, and yet uses 50 percent less memory than older versions. It also loads voice calls 10 times quicker.

In addition to the boost in performance, the new Slack version lets you preview conversations and chats you’ve already loaded, even when your network connection is down.

The announcement comes only a week after Slack forced a platform-wide automatic password reset in a measure to protect users against a breach dating back to 2015.

At the time, hackers gained access to the company’s user profile database, which included scrambled passwords. It also inserted malicious code that scraped users plaintext passwords as they were entering them. Slack has kept mum on the actual amount of people affected, but it claims it was less than 1 percent of all users.

So your security might’ve been compromised for well over three years, but at least the desktop client is way faster now, right? That ought to resume your trust in Slack (that’s sarcasm, by the way).

Slack‘s release notes suggest the latest version of the app has been out for a week now, but the company says the update will be “rolling out gradually over the next few weeks.” In case you don’t feel like waiting, you can grab the latest iteration here.

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