YouTube is testing hiding comments in its Android app

YouTube is testing hiding comments in its Android app

YouTube has historically had a seemingly insurmountable problem with the toxicity in its videos’ comments sections. Now, in what seems like an effort to prevent viewers from being exposed to this filth, the streaming service is testing out a feature to hide comments by default on its Android app.

As XDA Developers reported, the feature is currently visible only to users in India. The change means there’s a new button to access the comments section next to the Like and Dislike buttons. And instead of showing comments below the video, YouTube‘s showing what video will play next.

Credit: XDA Developers
YouTube is testing out a comments button.

Also, in order to accommodate the comments button, YouTube has moved the “Save to watch later” button to the expanded menu.

Credit: XDA Developers
Expanded menu to accommodate save button

In March, the streaming service disabled comments on videos featuring minors. We don’t know when this feature will be available to a wider audience. We’ve contacted YouTube to learn more, and we’ll update the story accordingly.

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