Google’s new extension will help you report dubious sites with a click

Google’s new extension will help you report dubious sites with a click
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Google’s just rolled out a new Chrome extension called Suspicious Site Reporter, that’ll help you report sketchy sites with just the click of a button.

The extension will help you to stay away from sites that might steal your data or financial information. Google’s developed it to warn you of deceptive sites, and crowdsource a list of malicious websites through user reporting, in order to keep your information safe.

The Suspicious Site Reporter extension will notify you when you’re browsing a possibly harmful website, with reasons it thinks it might not be safe. You can click on the extension to send a report to Google that’ll include the URL, a screenshot of the site, its IP address, and HTML content.

If Chrome finds the site to be unsafe, it adds it to the Google Safe Browsing list to to warn other users.

Google Suspicious Site Reporter extension for Chrome


The code of the extension is open source. So, if you’re a developer, you can head to its GitHub page, and contribute to the project as well.

Google’s also rolling out a feature in Chrome 75 (available now) that’ll warn you when you’re opening a site with a suspicious URL. The company said it’ll detect this by comparing the URL of the page with URLs of the site you’ve recently visited.

Starting in the current version of Chrome (75), you’ll see a warning when the page URL might be confused for URLs of sites you’ve visited recently.

These new Chrome features are handy for safe browsing, and it also helps other users from falling prey to scammy sites.. You can download the extension from here.

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