Jumbo is an iPhone app that clears your old tweets and Google searches

Jumbo is an iPhone app that clears your old tweets and Google searches

There’s an insane amount of news every day about social networks screwing up and compromising user data. So, it’s advisable that you keep your privacy settings in check to avoid giving away any information unintentionally. Thankfully, this new iPhone app, Jumbo, will help you out with this.

The app offers plenty of privacy-related functionality for Twitter, Facebook, Amazon Alexa, and Google searches.

For Twitter, it can delete your older tweets, and save them to your phone or cloud. You have options to delete tweets older than a day, a week, a month, or three months. Because of Twitter‘s API limits, the app can only clean up 3,200 tweets at a time. If you have more than 3,200 tweets, you’ll have to wait for a few days to delete the next set of tweets.

Personally, I wish Jumbo gave me the option to delete tweets from the past week or month, so I could make my recent rants disappear.

Similarly, the iPhone app offers to delete your Google Search history with options: All, Older than a day, Older than a week, and Older than a month.

It also offers to delete all your voice commands addressed to Amazon Alexa with a single tap. There are no options for this cleanup. It’s all or nothing. You can surely do this through your Google and Amazon settings, but Jumbo makes is much easier to tweak settings.

Jumbo’s most notable – and perhaps most useful – feature is its ability to control your Facebook account settings. It can control 30 aspects of your profile including ad settings, ad privacy, visibility of your post, birthday, gender, political views, mobile number, likes, and pages you follow.

Facebook settings in Jumbo

It offers three levels of control: Weak, Medium, and Strong. You can read more about how each level affects your profile here. Honestly, after Facebook’s recent shenanigans, I’d recommend you to choose either Medium or Strong.

Chances are that Facebook might still screw up, and compromise your data, but you can minimize the damage using these settings.

The app‘s developers are planning to roll out cleaning features for Instagram and Tinder.

You can download Jumbo from here. The company said the Android version is on the way. We’ll update the post when it’s out.

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