Google Fit teams up with the WHO to help you shed the pounds

Google Fit teams up with the WHO to help you shed the pounds

Google has updated its fitness tracking app Google Fit. The latest version contains a radical visual redesign, and an emphasis on helping users achieve their health and fitness goals.

For this update, Google says it’s worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Heart Association (AHA), in order to better understand the science behind physical fitness and health.

Google Fit now uses two activity goals based on WHO and AHA research, in order to push users towards achieving the right amount — and crucially, the right intensity — of exercise.

The first goal, Move Minutes, is focused on overall time spent moving and stood upright. Google hopes that if users are mindful of this metric, they’ll make healthier choices, like choosing the stairs over taking the elevator.

Heart Points, on the other hand, is a gamified approach that looks at intensity. Users score one point for each minute of moderate intensity, like walking the dog. The more intense the activity, like kickboxing or running, the more points the user gets.

As you use the app, it’ll provide customized tips and advice on how to increase the amount of heart points you score, and allows you to set adjustable goals. It also lets users score points regardless of what activity they prefer, like rowing or pilates, and integrates with popular fitness apps like Strava and Runkeeper.

The latest version of Google Fit is available today on Android and Wear OS (formerly Android Wear). If you’re looking to shed some pounds, you can download it here.

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