Google Docs gets an AI-powered grammar correction tool

Google Docs gets an AI-powered grammar correction tool

Suck at grammar? You’ll be happy to know that Google’s introducing a grammar checker into its Docs app; it’ll use the power of machine learning to spot your mistakes as you type.

The company says that its AI can identify a wide range of errors and suggest fixes for them, “from simple grammatical rules like how to use articles in a sentence (like “a” versus “an”), to more complicated grammatical concepts such as how to use subordinate clauses correctly.”

TechCrunch noted that David Thacker, Google’s VP for G Suite product management, explained that the tool uses a machine translation-based approach to sort your writing:

In language translation, you take a language like French and translate it into English. Our approach to grammar is similar. We take improper English and use our technology to correct or translated it into proper English.

That’s good news for folks who are just getting started with Google’s suite of productivity apps online; it’ll also come in handy for people who want to use a plugin like Grammarly, but can’t install third-party extensions on the devices they use for work.

The new feature is available from today to G Suite users who sign up for Google’s Early Adopter Program; the company says it’ll improve over time and get better at finding errors.

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