These are the Twitch games Amazon users get for free on Prime Day

These are the Twitch games Amazon users get for free on Prime Day
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If you’re a gamer who’s also an Amazon Prime users, you have a number of games available to you via Twitch. The livestreaming site, one of the many sister sites of Jeff Bezos’s giant baby, is offering free games to Twitch users who also have Prime.

The details: The games are available either through a dedicated page or via the main website. Click on the crown symbol to get notifications about the day’s current deals.

If you do decide to claim the games, be aware you’ll have to use Twitch’s built-in game portal on PC, rather than the platform of your choice. So no achievements, no Steam codes, nothing. Still, Twitch’s built-in portal isn’t too bad, all things considered — it works the same as any other game download service.

Things to keep in mind: Be aware, Amazon Prime Day comes fraught with its own complications. Currently, workers across Europe are striking in protest of Amazon’s policies and proposed health cuts. There have also been a few outages on the site.

Currently, the games available include Broken AgeBrutal LegendTacoma, The Observer and Metal Slug 3. You can also download a few in-game loot packages for games such as WarframePUBG, and Fortnite. There were originally more games available, but these are the games available on Prime Day. If you’re a Twitch Prime user, you can claim your free games and loot here.

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